Bidet Benefits - Scene 1 -One of the best ways to illustrate why a bidet is so effective, is to compare it with the way you would wash other parts of your body. Let’s say you want to wash your face. Would you just grab a piece of dry paper and start rubbing your face with it? Of course not. You would go to the sink, splash some water on your face and wash it that way.To compare the effectiveness of dry paper vs. a bidet wash, we’re going to use two panes of glass. On the first pane, we’re going to wipe it with some toilet paper. This will demonstrate the cleaning ability of dry paper.On the second pane, we’re going to clean it with some water. This will simulate a bidet’s wash. You can immediately see how good the water is at cleaning the glass. It’s simple, thorough, and effective. There’s a reason why we take a shower to clean ourselves – it’s because using water is the best way to clean our bodies.When you put it side by side with a traditional paper cleaning, there is really no comp