Betting on the under 2.5 goals market in Betfair

Posted by Spondicious on Mar. 09, 2010

In this video I show you how to set up some trading onthe under 2.5 goals market in Betfair to make some fairly easy money.If you had BetIE you would be able to try out the system I am demonstrating so that you could see for yourself how it works without risking any money on the trading.You can get Betty the betting Bot at this example of trading with Betty I have the profi t of 37 euro sewn up on the game and it has only being played for about 15 mins. Anything can happen with the game now and I will still make money.The second part of the video is a bit blurry but you will be able to see well enough to understand how to do it. I will do the next video at a differnet video resolution that should work better.Any Questions - contact me at wizardgold AT

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