Best of The Turrets Guy!

Posted by holytaco on Jun. 27, 2008

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Don’t waste your time watching entire clips when you can get the best of turrets guy in this incredible video. The tourette’s afflicted man makes the best use out of his disease by finding humor in it. His insane children help out two by putting him in demented situations so that he can flip out at the worst possible time. Although it seems like the guy may just be an ass who complains about toothpaste. Or this incredible human may be comedy genius. Whatever you decide you can’t deny you get the best of turrets guy in this video.Turrets guy makes hilarious videos for the world to enjoy. This obviously seriously handicapped man lets the world laugh as he laughs at his hilarious disability. Tourette's has always been a funny ailment but now you can laugh with out feeling guilty. Truly this brilliant video merges the best of disease and comedy to make the world a better place. Leave diabetes jokes in the dust for a great quip about turrets.

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