Best metal bands of all time (with videos)

Posted by Robbyinchains on Feb. 26, 2011

This is based all on my opinion, all the music is property to the creators and owners, I do not own the music or videos. - List of Bands and songs- Pantera - Art of Shredding Cowboys from hell 5 minutes alone (Using rev. is my name video) Metallica - Enter Sandman Master of Puppets Nothing Else Matters (using live footage of so what) MegaDeth- Sweating Bullets Crush em Down- Stone the Crow On march the saints Slayer - War Ensemble World Painted Blood Raining Blood live*video* (I think) Anthrax- Caught in a mosh (using live footage) Iron Maiden- Wasted Years ManOwaR- Kings of Metal (using dawn of battle vid) Battle of Hymn (Using image) Anvil- Metal on metal (using live footage of school love in the 80s) Black Sabbath- Paranoid Children of The grave Now this one is still black sabbath but I wanted to grant Dio credit so... Dio- Heaven and Hell (live)

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