Best Ass Video - Micro Bikini Beach Babe. Best Ass Ever

How do you say Microkini and Best Ass in Brazilian? Ckeck out my profile for more Great Videos! I had a conversation with a guy recently about Brazilian women, and apparently the women in North Brazil are very, very different than the women in Southern Brazil. Apparently, the women in Southern Brazil are far more fair-skinned and bootylicious, while the ones up north arent exactly winning any beauty pageants. That could be totally wrong, and he might just be totally biased, but if hes correct then I am going to awesome that this perfect ten hottie and her impeccable butt reside somewhere in the south, such as Rio. Also, Im not sure, but I have a feeling this lady might be an adult video star in Brazil. Just a hunch. One thing we can all agree on, though? She has the best ass on the beach.