Bekah Dancing to 4minute - I My Me Mine {Requested} (DESCRIPTION

Posted by sceneit on Aug. 20, 2010

So I know this isnt my best video, but I am absolutely in love with this song. I used to think I love this song, but I am not going to do this dance, its not my style. but then it got requested a couple times and I decided to learn it all day yesterday. So its still a bit rough, but like I said - not my style. Haha So this is a video that would normally not be here. So pretty much... hmm.. if you dont think its good, oh well, Im sorry. -/ I had fun either way. So please no hate. And Thank you 10000000 times to all of my supporters out there. You keep me going every day, through all the haters. Thank you soooo much. Enjoy this odd little video I had so much fun making -) Oh and I apologize the middle section is a bit off time. My editing skillz were at fault here. XD;;;

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Tags asian, korean, tribute, asia, korea, minute, mine, angels, cruel, kpop, rebekah, bekah, 4minute

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