I was pretty shook up when I first saw them. And there isn't much that shakes me up. They are still here and my sis, my mom and I discuss them quite frequently trying to figure out what they are annd why they are here and what their intentions are, although it's all still pretty mysterious to us. My mom rather thinks they are angels. And when I first saw them I felt they were some kind of intelligent creature. I only was aware of the one until I looked at the cam recording and saw the one in the window. The one in the door seemed to be trying to get in and would fly up and directly into the door....I thought it might be because there is a blackish glass in the wooden door behind the glass one...maybe it thought it a cave or some dark hiding place, but of course I can't say for sure. It was strange looked kinda like the marfa light pix, only I could see plasma-like blue colors outlining what looked like prongs that ran all the way around it's body...I say body, but it was mostly like a hmmmm see-t