Being Mean to Pixley - This is My Meme

Posted by wyldride on Oct. 08, 2010

A song about the idea of trying to get your meme to go viral on the internet. Features reference to the following memes- Three Wolf Moon t-shirt Charlie the Unicorn Techno Viking Rickroll All Your Base Are Belong to Us Chocolate Rain Cloverfield Rollerskating Babies Dramatic Chipmunk OK Gos Here It Goes Again Homestar Runner I Like Turtles Keyboard Cat Pants on the Ground LOLCats Miss Teen South Carolina Orly Evil Bert Pedobear Snakes on a Plane Star Wars Kid Leave Britney Alone Dont Tase Me, Bro Trololo Tron Guy Also mentioned in the song are @feliciaday, @wilw and @aots.

Categories People & Lifestyle

Tags aots, meme, wildride, feliciaday, pixley, wilw

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