Posted by RyanHolmes1 on Feb. 17, 2011

THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING! how did you like my first stop motion video for RyanHolmesTV? it is in fact my FOURTH stop motion on youtube -P LEAVE ME A CHALLENGE FOR TUESDAY! *NEW* RyanHolmesTV Facebook App! http-// Includes- weekly polls RHtv games FAQ video players your twitter posts about RHtv skype call button new merchandise location AND MORE! Music by Onsion http-// TWEET THIS http-// CAN YOU DIGG IT CHECK ME OUT HERE - MAIN CHANNEL http-// VLOG CHANNEL http-// LETS BE FRIENDS - FACEBOOK http-// TWITTER http-// DAILYBOOTH http-// DEMAND ME IN YOUR CITY - http-// MERCH - BANDS http-// SHIRTS http-//

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