Posted by ttv089 on Apr. 29, 2008

Beerd is a product that has been brought to you by Chris, Aaron, Tom, and Cow. We believe Beerd is the correct choice for any "Baby-Faced" men. It comes in a twenty ounce bottle containing green liquid. All the consumer is required to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ice-cold Beerd. It is great tasting, highly effective, and the perfect solution to becoming less of a girl and more of a man. The lumberjack on the front of the bottle is a perfect demographic for our product because you can't get any manlier than a bearded lumberjack. It's been proven effective by many highly trained doctors such as Dr. House, the doctors from Scrubs, and one of the doctors from Grey's Anatomy. Some of our customers were kind enough to fill out a survey and had this to say: "Before Beerd, I was lonely and an outcast from society. Now, I have a successful career in broadcasting and have many, many beautiful women all around me." - Luke Williams. A female client bought our product for her husband and told us, "Our marri

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