Beer Drop, The Tailgate Sensation!

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

This game is sweeping tailgate parties nationwide! It's called Beer Drop. One person is the Dropper and the other is the Catcher. The Dropper holds two cans of beer over the Catcher. One of the cans is open, and one is not. The Catcher does not know which is open and which is not. Before the drop, the Catcher must state which can he/she's going to catch - or can decide to catch both, called The Matrix (ie I'm gonna Matrix). On the count of three, the Dropper drops both cans simultaneously. The Catcher must catch the open can with one hand, or both cans - one can in each. If the open beer is dropped by the Catcher, the Dropper gets to shake up the closed beer can and spray it into the Catcher's face. The Catcher must then drink the rest of the beer. If the Catcher catches the open beer, the Catcher can shake up the closed can and spray it in the Dropper's face. If the Catcher catches both beers, the Catcher receives Amnesty from all future facial beer sprays. Play it at your next tailgate! Spread the word!

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