Because the Pope says so...

Posted by Kara_Sutra on May. 29, 2009

Official website http-// NEW online toy store http-// Before you watch the video I ask that if you are religious or if you are highly offended by someone speaking their mind, that you take this for what it is...a persons opinion and thoughts on the matter and leave it at that. I also want for it to be clearly stated that I am by no means attacking a persons faith or arguing if religion is right or wrong, just simply putting it out there that what has been said about STDs and the prevention and spread of them with the use of condoms is an outrage and totally irresponsible. ALWAYS USE PROTECTION!!!! Hey Everyone, First off sorry that this isnt the Sex Ed 102 video you were probably hoping for. After hearing the recent comments the Pope made about condoms and safe sex I felt the need to go off on the matter... Although I DO agree that the only way to 100% prevent the spread of STDs including HIV is to abstain from sex...I also believe that it is just as im

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