Bear in Powell River (Harvie Street)

Posted by niceprguy2 on Sep. 22, 2012

I was working on a job on Harvie Ave in Powell River, and one of the other guys there spotted this bear wandering through the back yard. I quickly ran up to my van to get my camera so I could get these shots. It got really close to me in the last 5 seconds of the video. I had to back away to let it get through the hedge where it did... I just about messed my pants with this The bear walked right past the tree at the bottom of the yard that had apples laying all around underneath it... If you dont want these animals in town, pick up all your fruit when it falls! I like that they come into town though... gives me lots of things to take pictures and videos of.. -) Improvisation On Friday... by Alex (feat. The3amAssociation) http-// is licensed under a Creative Commons license- http-//

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