Batman Enforces Great Necks Anti Smoking Ban

Posted by StrangeShow on Jan. 11, 2011

Batman comes to Great Neck Long Island and enforces the Anti-Smoking Ban that prevents citizens from ;smoking tobacco and other substances on sidewalks along or within 125 feet of Middle Neck Road in front of commercial establishments, the Village Green Park and the Village Housing Authority. The enforcement area stretches 1.3 miles. Stacey Prussman reports for The Strange Dave Show. Starring Nick Z., Marvin Lucien, Danger Dave Hohn, Marvin Lucien, Tim Homayoon, and Emily Wells. Written by Danger Dave Hohn, Nick Z., Matt Alspaugh, Stacey Prussman, Tim Homayoon, and Strange Dave. Produced and Directed by David Harry Rosenberg.

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