Posted by garybarneylouca on Aug. 15, 2008 Hi, and a warm welcome to you all from myself Gary "Barney" Louca, Johnny Rocker and the team. Info is the brain child of Gary “Barney” Louca, and most people know Gary Louca simply as “Barney” as he is synonomus with playing football for local teams in the Portsmouth area for many Years. On you can watch the light hearted cool and entertainment show(s) featuring Presenters Johnny Rocker (guitar playing rock and roller) and UK Dance charts Number 1 writer producer Gary “Barney” Louca. As well as interviewing local and famous musical artistes it will also feature Interviews and many other interesting stories from local to world wide, not necessarily musically based, and a chance to see music video’s and more from the Barneytv team. Please enjoy the show(s). All the best Gary “Barney” Louca, Johnny Rocker and the Barney TV team”

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