Posted by thestylish on Dec. 17, 2012

The company that brought you the strapless panty (remember Barely There Underwear with Andrea Feczko) is back! In this episode host Diona Vaughan has more goodies for the ladies (and maybe men) from Shibue Couture! Wearing a revealing outfit for the holidays and want to avoid a wardrobe malfunction? Or maybe your office is always cold and everyone notices? Check out the special deal on Nipple Cover Ups and watch till the end for a chance to win some Shibue Couture products! Get the exclusive offers only by watching The Stylish Finds! Shibue Couture didn't cross the line...they erased it! The Stylish would like to thank the designer Jenny Buettner of Shibue Couture for the exclusive deal. Click the link below to get the deal and purchase other fabulous Shibue products. Web- http-// Facebook- https-// PROMO CODE- STYLISH2 The Stylish would like to thank Shibue Couture and designer Jenny Buettner Subsc

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