Bare Knuckle Fights

Posted by rioheroes on Dec. 03, 2007

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Bare knuckle fights are the ultimate way to prove how tough you are! In this video the dude in the red shorts clearly beats the crap out of the guy in the black shorts but someone on team black clearly disagreed and got in a sucker punch. I use to get into bare knuckle fights all the time but after a while I got tired of the way smashed face felt on my fists. Back in the day I served more knuckle sandwiches than Subway. Unfortunately there’s no video of me kicking ass because they didn’t have cameras back then.This is a video of what seems to be a semi underground bare knuckle fight. These things are illegal these days because they get out of control and there is very little precaution taken, such as gloves, a medic, and they probably dont even do blood tests before the fights. These fights are very entertaining to say the least.

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