Barack Obamas Biography Continues from ASU to Notre Dame Comm...

Posted by onlinebranding on May. 20, 2009

Description: Controversy and protests build in Barack Obamas biography with his Notre Dame Commencement stirring questions like; what is Barak Obamas religion, what nationality is Barack Obama and Barack Obamas religious belief. All will fade away on Sunday, May 17th 2009. Will President Obamas message echo the recent Arizona State University Commencement Speech that dared the graduates to Try harder, and dig deeper to find the greatness that lies within to each of us--Never stop Expanding your Body of Work.The Arizona State, ASU commencement that dubs itself a new American university hosted the president and instead of the traditional honorary degrees bestowed by ASU, they chose instead to name a scholarship after him, Obama Scholars. ASU president Michael Crow did the introduction for President Obama and addressed the students at Arizona State. For the full version of President Obamas commencement speech, asugrad09:

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