Balloons! Sausages! Dating! Eggs! #178! Watch our studen...

Posted by Frederator on May. 05, 2009

Popped  Submitted by Bianca Beneduci The Dog and the Butcher Submitted by Jonathan Holt Step by Step Submitted by Guilherme Ghilardi Egg Scramble Submitted by Andrew Sanchez  Ah, May.  The birds singing, the leaves blooming.  The students flipping out because finals are upon them and the paper that was due three weeks ago and is worth three-quarters of their grade still isnt done!  You know, May.  But todays submissions are from students who have their act together!  First up, a tale of balloons and innocence lost, followed by the age old tale of the dog and the butcher.  Dating and mating are the names of the game in Step By Step while it all comes together with the hungry, hungry dinosaurs quest for an omelette. The Robot is even getting into the scholarly game, and he answers YOUR questions sent in to  have questions for him?  Send him and email or give him a call at 888-414-8148!

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Tags sperm, dinosaurs, balloons, pins, popping, eggs, channelfrederat, asktherobot

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