ballbusting at the beach : random victim

Posted by ballbusting on Aug. 08, 2007

Serial Ballbusters girls pick up a random guy at the beach and bust his balls very badly in this hardcore ballbusting vid! BITCHES! They even try to use a traffic cone to give him a special roadside nutshot. Whats the lesson there? Caution: Women Busting Balls on the Highway? No fair! Seriously, though, one of the chicks is topless and thats pretty cool. I guess it isnt all that bad, having to go through some serious ballbusting, when at least you get to see some hooters. You have to enjoy the little things, make the best of the situation, you know? Balls.

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Tags bitch, kick, balls, brawl, violence, nuts, groin, violent, bitches, knee, sadistic, catfight, ballbusting, selfdefense

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