Bad Company 2 WTF & Funny Moments

Posted by LoneStarGamer on Mar. 01, 2010

Made by LoneStarGamer This is just a quick video that I put together, but it did take a while to collect all of the funny moments due to the fact that I had to record everything on the spot until something funny occurred. The audio commentary you hear is my voice, but I edited it to where it doesnt sound so deep, plus I added the audio commentary to give the viewer the idea of what I was thinking in my head when the particular moments in the video occurred and that way it gives the video more of a personality. I dont know if Ill keep making these type of videos for this game, because its very time consuming, its the reason why there isnt that much clips in the video. NOTE- If you have been living under a rock and have not played Bad Company 2, then you are seriously missing out on all the fun, the demo alone haves me hooked! Its an amazing game and I am already considering it to be my alternative to Halo 3.

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