Bacterium from Mars

Posted by Scripture on Jul. 15, 2009

The Guiness Book Of World Records because of its extraordinary resistance to several extreme conditions. Studies are being conducted to verify the origin of D. radiodurans as many scientists are speculating that it has originated on Mars. It has been classified as a Gram-positive bacterium. The high energy of radioactive waves literally cut apart the double stranded molecule of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). These cuts occur in many places, effectively shattering the genome into many, very small fragments. is able to quickly reassemble the fragments in their correct order and then slice them back together. In contrast, bacteria such as Escherichia coli can only tolerate one or several cuts to the DNA before the radiation damage is either lethal or causes the formation of drastic mutations. Creation Moments daily 2 minute radio/broadcast with host Ian Taylor is heard around the world on over 1300 stations and outlets. Each program features scientific evidences of nature that points to delicate design not ev

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