Back handspring Fail

Posted by Jamesia-Billups-444 on Jan. 19, 2013

**Look for this vid on MTVs Ridiculousness with Rob Dyrdek!!** When you mix massive amounts of alcohol with a delusional former cheerleader that thinks she can still tumble, at the beach, trying to recreate the glory days, the result is a faceplant SAND-which and a side of epic FAIL. This is what happens when a cheerleader gets older, gets fat and and has it in her head that she can still tumble.....faaiiiil. First off Let me just say that I am the one doing the flip. 2nd ...I was plastered about 43 and a 1/2 drinks in and I was pretty dang sure I was gunna faceplant. which is WHY I had my cousin (the one with the funny laugh) tape it in the first place. nice people. I already know what I look like. I realize Im overweight and thats why its funny. I dont need random assholes making derogatory comments.

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