Baby left in Stolen Car CCTV

Posted by joollyunder on Jan. 25, 2013

Baby left In Stolen Car CCTV. This is the moment a frantic mother found her baby sleeping safely in the back seat of the familys car - after it was stolen with the seven-week-old still inside. Louise Waine, 24, was captured on CCTV racing towards the vehicle in a state of panic, after a thief had snatched it and sped through Wigan with her son, Leo Moulsdale, in the back. Leo had an astonishing escape after the car was stolen from under the nose of his father Thomas Moulsdale, also 24, and driven for three miles before being abandoned outside a pub. The terrified parents searched the area until a call came through 15 minutes later to tell them the car had been found with Leo inside unharmed - and he had slept through the drama.

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