B'net Houariyat at the Kennedy Center

Posted by moroccotv on Mar. 11, 2009

Part of the Arabesque Festival at the Kennedy Center, B'net Houariyat, who are five women from the region of Marrakech in Morocco, who sing and dance to the rhythm of their drums, performing traditional music of Houara, of the Hammada, together with Berber dances and styles like the Aita and the Chaabi, performed recently at The millennium Stage to a raving audience. B'net Houariyat have been invited to perform at numerous international festivals and in leading concert halls around the world. B'net Houariyat are Ms. Zahi-a Bani, Ms. Khadija Haliba , Ms. Malika Rahmi, Ms. Saida Madrani, and Ms. Halima Zeiter. B'net Houariyat have released the following recordings: Po?mes dAmour des Femmes du Sud Marocain (1994); Voix des femmes de Marrakech (1997); and, Voices of Marrakech (1997). B'net Houariyat also recorded with Peter Gabriel on Gabriel's Up (2002). The performance, as you can see in the video, was energizing and hypnotic. It left the audience craving for more of Bnet Houariyat magic. For more ...

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