AXW-Khan Kussion-May30th promo

Posted by BandmanProd on May. 23, 2009

The always unpredictable AXW champion Khan Kussion is ready for the first ever in Utah Lighttubes & Tables Deathmatch. This match has become personal for both Khan and his challenger Mr. Syclon Mach Martinez. It started as an open challenge by Khan to the AXW lockeroom. Mach answered it jeopardizing the friendship between the two athletes. Then last week Khan showed why he is called unpredictable, he attacked Mach with a lighttube after a match at Club 90. Now it is personal. Will this be resolved with the conclusion of this match, find out Live at the Columbus Center (2530s 500e Salt Lake City,Ut) Tickets are just $5 Show Starts at 7 pm

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Tags utah, amercan xtreme wrestling, khan kussion, mr syclon mach martinez, pro wrestling

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