Awesomeology Episode 14

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 03, 2010

New Episodes Daily Monday-Friday Please rate, comment, and subscribe! In This Episode When a bunch of guys see stairs they have to jump down them. Sometimes they build a ramp and go over them in a big trash can with wheels. And sometimes that doesn't go so well. Would you like to remember everything you ever learned? Don't be fooled by how plain this site looks, it's the home of some powerful free open-source software that will give you the memory of an elephant. Looks like some kittens are nearsighted. http A guy in San Diego was unhappy with the way his trial was going so he snuck a bag of feces into the courthouse, smeared it on his laywer's hair and face, and then threw it at the jury. A woman in California gave birth to 8 babies in 5 minutes. The single greatest snack that a Super Bowl host can put out for their guests...the snack stadium.

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