Avalanche, Plain of Six Glaciers, Banff National Park, Alberta,

Posted by KarlJohanson on Oct. 06, 2012

This video was captured just after 1pm, Friday, August 10, 2012, in Banff National Park, Canada, from near the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House, above Lake Louise. There was a small avalanche that drew peoples attention, which is why I, Stephanie Johanson, managed to catch the larger avalanche that followed with my Olympus Tough TG-610 14 megapixel digital camera. At the beginning of this clip there is a photo that was taken just after the smaller avalanche and before this avalanche. The hike from Chateau Lake Louise, along the lake shore trail, and then 5.5 km up to the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House at an elevation of 2100 meters, takes a lot out of someone who is used to hiking closer to sea level, but the view is worth it. We kept hearing avalanches as we hiked, but because of the distance the sound took a while to get to us.

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