Automotive Technology Course | OBD2 Repair Strategies 2

Posted by ldata0004 on Feb. 03, 2014

Automotive Technology Course | OBD2 Repair Strategies 2 Amazon Printed Books https-// Amazon Kindle Edition http-// Android APPs https-// Our second training video is our Automotive Technology Course dealing with OBD-2 (On Board Diagnostics Second Generation) and in mandated for all 1996 and newer vehicles sold in the US. The European Union has a similar system in place. * In this video course we'll deal with the ECM or engine control module fuel control. * Fuel-Trims explained- FT are the deviation in fuel injection pulse from base injection. Learn what it is and to use it to your advantage. 75% of all repair issues involve the use of Fuel-Trims. * Fuel injection strategies and how the ECM sees the incoming data. * Scan too or scanner PID (parameter) graphing and analysis. The scan tool is a window into what the ECM is doing. Its use is a must. Learn it here. * KAM or keep alive memory and adaptive memory resetting procedure. * OBD-2 misfire detection, which covers types of misfire, relationship to the DTC and how to use the data to asses the situation. * CRK or crank sensor misfire strategy. How are misfires detected by the ECM and what it means to you. * DLC or data link connector * Vehicle in-module networks, yes, computer data networks are present in all modern vehicles today. * Chrysler CCD or Chrysler collision detection vehicle network CASE study. Immerses you in the world of diagnosing vehicle networks. In our continuing OBD-2 training videos sets, this video forms a needed link in the chain of knowledge. Presenting both theory and action, the scanner software screens seen here are real and filmed during a live automotive repair. CG animation is also used to explain the concepts. Enjoy... ************************************************************************************** Amazon Printed-Books & Kindle- http-// Google Play Android APPs- https-// Amazon Video DVDs- http-//

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