Authorise or Inhibit a Secondary Monitor

Posted by sanjayuser on Jul. 17, 2009

In this video we will show one how to authorise or inhibit a secondary monitor using the software utility MurGeeMon.The Disable Secondary Monitor feature can be used to inhibit the secondary monitor when downloading lengthy files or listening to music. This helps to save on ones power bills. The Enable Secondary Monitor feature allows one to authorise the secondary monitor once again and resume work on those applications that were running in the background. Launch MurGeeMon from the icon in the system tray after downloading and installing the same from Right clicking on the utility icon and selecting Disable Secondary Monitor one will notice that the secondary monitor has now been inhibited. If one, right clicks once again on the icon, the drop down menu now presents a selection for Enable Secondary Monitor. Click on the same and the secondary monitor will be authorised once again.

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