Attentive Mouse Click

Posted by sanjayuser on Jul. 20, 2009

This video shows how to make an attentive mouse click on applications without being physically present.An Attentive Mouse Click allows one to perform Single / Double, right / left mouse clicks, on an application, in a sequence, at a specified location on the computer screen after a specified time, to initiate the application. These clicks can be saved to the computer and reused . A hot key can also be assigned to locate the mouse cursor quickly on the screen. Eg. are auto clicking on Google ADs, gaming (scoreboard), internet connections, mail, etc.Dowload and install the utility Auto-Mouse-Click from Right click on the icon to access the application window. Set mouse co-ordinates (x,y), the type of click required and the delay before the click is initiated. One can then Add this to the List of Attentive Mouse Click Sequences as well as Save the same. One can retrieve the same using the Load or Updatetab. The List of Clicks can be started , stopped,

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