Attempted Assassination of George Wallace

Film account of Arthur Bremers 1972 attempt on the life of Alabama Governor, and Presidential hopeful, George Wallace. When Alabama Gov. George Wallace ran for the presidency in 1972, he did not expect to win. His goal was summed up in the slogan he used to urge his supporters to vote for him, Send them a message. The them referred to was the Washington D.C. establishment that Wallace claimed had sold out white working-class people to cater to racial minorities and a privileged liberal elite. The flamboyant, folksy Wallace denounced school busing for integration, courts he called soft on crime, and a tax system that he claimed bled the average American without making the rich pay its fair share. He won many loyal, even fanatical followers by claiming to champion the taxi driver, little businessman, beautician or barber or farmer against the pointy-headed pseudo-intellectual.