Atrocity or Justice- Woman Captured and Stripped for Shoplifting

Posted by Todd-Wu-694 on Dec. 08, 2011

Atrocity or Justice-Woman Captured and Stripped for Shoplifting We all know that thieves are hateful. Then how do we deal with them usually? Call the police,warn or beat them up? Recently, one netizen shows us a staggering way to treat thief in the photos he posts online. A young woman shoplifter was caught in the act in a shopping mall.Then she began to quarrel with the staff. Shockingly, the staff stripped off her coat and underwear during pushing and fighting. The woman felt terribly ashamed and cried bitterly which drew large crowds. Views were divided into two factions for this event. Some netizens say that thief deserves a good lesson. While major netizens still agree that one shouldnt be insulted like this,even she is a shoplifter.

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