Atomic Fireballs. Wipeout! More Rock & Roll Mayhem

Posted by MindsiMedia on May. 05, 2009

Surfs up! grab a board and lets hang ten with this smoking version of the Trashmens garage/surf classic Wipeout. Be amazed at the synchronized dance routine and wonder how they got six guys and all that gear on such a small stage. More early nostalgia from the greatest band that almost never was. Watch out for the acid flashback that kicks in about half way through.MindsiMedia is an Internet broadcaster with a series of YouTube channels under development:We also offer HD video production in the Chicago area. For more information contact MikeB@mindsimedia.infoVisit our web portal at; / Music, visual art / Politics and history / Renewable energy for a better world / Learn how to save 20% / American politics

Categories Pop Culture

Tags rock, roll, guitar, bass, atomic, electric, garage, organ, fireballs, cramps, stooges, iggy, havox

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