At 345 Park Avenue

Posted by VJDJ on Oct. 06, 2012

This is a video that I made at 345 Park Avenue when JD use to work there. She started working there in February of 2001 and moved there. She work there for 4 years and gone to a new company. When she moved there, I never visit her there. I was going to visit her but it was not worth it see her at 345 Park Avenue cuz of her bf she met in Washington, D.C.. She told me this at 1211 6th Avenue building at the 36th floor when we were having a conversation. She said that she was going to move but not sure when will it be. But I know that she was going to be working at 345 Park Avenue. She also told me that her bf was going to move in with her to New York in June 2001 soon. After she left the building, I went o her floor where she use to work. They let me go inside the building and I went to the 6th floor where she use to work on her floor with TC, which was her boss.

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