Asics SportStyle Breakdancing

Posted by MischiefPR123 on Sep. 16, 2009

After enjoying great success in the world of directional sneaker fashion, ASICS are now bringing their SportStyle collection to a wider audience. ASICS SportStyle reintroduces classic 80s silhouettes that were once known as the latest technological innovations in performance footwear. To support this release, and in true 80’s style ASICS SportStyle is creating the first ever break dancing mat, designed to teach novices the basic moves through simple, guided steps. The mat, which was put together with help from award winning B-boy ‘Mouse,’ shows first timers where to put their hands and feet in order to pull off moves including the toprock, sixstep and even the wakfreeze. B-boy ‘Mouse’, then took the mat to the streets of London, teaching people moves from the 80s brought right up to date for the noughties in some fresh ASICS trainers. For those also interested in the sharper end of break dancing, ASICS are one of the official sponsors of the 2009 World Break dancing championships, held in Brixto

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