asian boy violently attacked by seven cowards.

Posted by Dantexfiles on Jan. 25, 2012

Seven cowardly attack a Chinese boy in the back of a school in Chicago. The attackers have been identified and will do all possible to be caught and punished. Disclose this video! http-//,0,5036908.story All of them have cleared your Facebook account and tried to remove the video from youtube. tweet this video to @foxchicago and @Chicago_Police WESLEY WU - gray sweater, black mask. Main striker. Easley WU - Jacket with collar and pants by adidas blue stripe. Raymond Palomino - stupid boy unmasked TODD ??RAMOS - gray and black sweater. JOHNNY LI - Blue Sweater DANNY HUI - All dressed in black What are caught and arrested! Theyll have what they deserve. original upload by ainanastube http-//

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