Ashleys Roommate Song

Who wouldn’t want a roommate that cooks and cleans and even vacuums the cat house? Tune in as songstress Ashley Slaton illustrates her many roommate talents in this original song. Through her earnest tune juxtaposed with ironic visual representations, Ashley paints a real world picture of what it means to be Roommate of the Year. Far from fantasy food, her mac ‘n cheese platter resonates with anyone who’s ever cared enough to share a box with a roomie. Take a listen and cast your vote today at named Ashley Slaton from Houston, TX as a finalist in the second annual national Roommate of the Year Contest. The voting stage is open now through July 30, 2010 when the votes will be tabulated, narrowing down the competition to five fabulous roomies, one of whom will be named the Roommate of the Year and win the grand prize of free rent for one year plus $10,000.