Ashleys Handcuff Escape

Posted by ashleyshugtime on Jan. 19, 2009

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This sexy lass is all tied up in this handcuff escape video. This sexy brunette is dressed as a magicians aide. But there is no spell to help her escape from her bonds. She’s buxom and tied up, panting and twisting to gain freedom from her shackles. She shows her flexibility, and her ability to be incredibly sexy in this great escape video. Anyone else thinking about taking magic classes all of the sudden? Okay well maybe she will want to learn how to make a real handcuff escape video.Even a professional magicians assistant has trouble in this handcuff escape video. This sexy illusionist has trouble escaping her bonds, and ends up in a load of trouble. This bound bedded lady has no choice but to submit to the gods and use a key to escape. Her escape could not have cone worse and yet she still looks beyond sexy even as she fails.

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