Ashiq Ho To Aisa Ho - Song - Noorie

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RELEASE DATE: 11 MAY 1979 GENRE: ROMANCE RUN TIME: 114 MINS STARRING: FAROOQ SHAIKH, POONAM DHILLON LYRICS BY: JAN NISSAR AKHTAR, NAQSH LYALPURI MUSIC BY: KHAYYAM PRODUCED BY: YASH CHOPRA DIRECTED BY: MANMOHAN KRISHNA SYNOPSIS: Noorie (Poonam Dhillon) is a young and beautiful girl from the valleys, who along with Yusuf (Farooq Shaikh) has a simple dream – A house…A family… and a life full of love. But nothing is that simple in life as Noorie and Yusuf’s dreams are torn apart at the hands of a couple of village goons for whom Noorie is just a conquest. Noorie tells a simple and touching story of Noorie and Yusuf’s fearless love at all cost.

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