Posted by Kurumaken on Mar. 24, 2013

????? - Ashiotabete ????????????? ??????? ??????????? ?????????????? ???????? ????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????? ?????????? ???????? ???????? ??????··· ????????? ?????????? ?? ????? ??????????? ????????????? ??????????··· ????? - Ashiotabete (english version) The square world is stone cold The clothes wrap around the body Shade in, adjust and assimilate to others Just follow rules and stop thinking A night with full moon is bright The moon light is so bright that it creates dark shadows Lighting candles Draws into darkness around their light The forbidden crimson desire From deep inside Becomes more and more powerful Ashiotabete... Would following the voice free them from the fetters? The conflict Ask to self Wish to be possessed? When it burns and sacrifices for... What would there be left? Ashiotabete by ?? Kurumaken™ ?2013 All Rights Reserved

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Tags japan, hardcore, trance, goth, gothic, tokyo, industrial, kurumaken, paulo laia, yuki nishio, natsuki hirano, merlyn kelly

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