Posted by krazykylestyle on Jun. 20, 2011

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Welcome to the Adventure! This is a quick preview of whats to come in the upcoming KKS DVD. Jorian Ponomareff came to visit me for 3 weeks. during that time we traveled the west visiting exciting places in California, Arizona, and Nevada! i would like to thank Jorian and John Michael (JMO) for coming with me on this journey and making it magical. i would also like to thank these riders for joining the fun! Riders- Krazy Kyle Jorian Ponomareff John Michael Oleary (JMO) Bill Dixon Savage Lin Jason Pullen Michael Vik Ryan Moore Darius Khashabi Tony Carbajal Sick Rick Hart Andrew Griffy Jason Britton Nhan Vo Randy Callicoat Joel Figueroa Joey Reich Daniel Hadley Chesca Miles Video- Krazy Kyle Jorian Ponomareff John Michael Oleary (JMO) Edit- Krazy Kyle Burro Loco Productions

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