Artt Gallery Alpha Males (Episode 4 Part 1)

Posted by kazanjianm on May. 07, 2008

Kunst discusses his disdain for baseball and declares that Mr. Met, the New York Mets Mascot, is really infamous terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. Kunst then describes his experiences playing baseball and the evil baseball coach who made Kunst turn to art. Kunst and Art Geek’s conversation was overheard by a hippie who uses a tranquilizer dart to kidnap Kunst and Art Geek and bring them to Woodstock, to heal from their negative athletic experiences. On the drive up to Woodstock, Kunst has a revelation from American Painter Bob Ross (From the Joy of Painting series on public television) and it is revealed that Kunst must, make a big decision in the near future. Art Geek dreams of his days as a football (soccer) player in England and eventually gets a ball kicked through his head by the Scottish “Rod Stewart Monster” (Yes im sober while writing this). Once they awaken, the hippie explains that he had a vision of his own from Bob Ross, inspired partially from the Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones movie “Field of Dreams”

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