Posted by JesseLaFlair on Nov. 10, 2008

An art performance By artist Jesse La Flair, Artarchy is a mime performance of a continuous wall tagging, the projection of a stop motion film by a hidden projector mimics spray paint markings. As the video is projected, the artist appears to repeatedly write on the wall a red circle encompassing an "A". This symbol normally represents anarchy however in this performance the artist shifts the meaning of the symbol to Artarchy. A symbol which represents the theoretical idea that there is no governing person or body of persons to state what is or isn't art, and that each individual has the absolute liberty to claim if something is, should, isnt or shouldnt be considered art. This performance was included in the 2008 Art In Odd Places: Pedestrian show In New York, NY. For more information on this piece and other work please visit...

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