Area 51 Nellis AFB Panel Inquiry Anthony J Hilder

Posted by anthonyjhilder on Aug. 18, 2010

Clips taken from “ALIEN 51” a film and dvd by Anthony J HilderFree World Film Works Hilder attends a public event where citizens are allowed to ask Nellis Air Force Base Commanders about why they want more BLM land for their reserve. This includes Area 51 where secret flying craft, back engineered UFOs, biological warfare chemicals, and research were taking place. Mr Hilder rose to the microphone to ask questions of the Air Force Panel. The question were revealing in that the panel refused to answer any of the questions...because of national security. This leads to the questions and airs concerns over what exactly is done on the base. There are reports of people exposed to hazardous chemicals there that were denied and left untreated by the Government. By their silence they are condemned. The BLM land asked for was to expand the territory of area 51 to keep UFO watchers out. Wackenhut provides security for the perimeter. They are armed and confront a

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