App Store Review - Line Rider

Posted by tekietv on Dec. 01, 2008

I'm Marc Gittleman from Hard Drive 911 Data Recovery for TekieTV.Com, your best source for technology news and technology reviews. Line Rider was a huge Internet phenomenon, and now it's come to your iPhone. With Line Rider iRide, you draw a track using a simple pencil tool and then get to watch Bosh, an endearing animated character, ride his sled on the track you've created. Get creative with jumps, loops, ramps, and other twists along Bosh's path to give him the best ride possible. With recent updates, now you can show your work to the world with track sharing, which allows you to make your favorite tracks available to other iPhone users and lets you download tracks created by other users. You can browse the user created content by searching through the most recent and top rated tracks, or search by track author or track name to find your friend's best work. Line Rider is a lot of fun, but with a $2.99 download cost, this is a very limited app that might be slightly overpriced. It's worth playing, but ...

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