App Store Review - iTV

Posted by tekietv on Dec. 01, 2008

I. TV is a free download from the app store that is packed with more useful features than most 10 dollar apps. With I. TV, you can find your favorite TV show or movie showtimes by browsing through over 144,000 listings. You can also view over 6,000 TV previews and movie trailers to figure out which ones are worth watching. I. TV gives you detailed show descriptions so you know what each episode is about and offers bios and photos of all your favorite stars. The app allows you to write real time reviews as you watch episodes and share the info with your friends. All of this would be enough, but I. TV's upcoming features are mindblowing. Eventually, the app will let you watch TV on your iPhone, remotely record shows on your home DVR without being home, manage movie rentals, and buy movie tickets. I. TV is a great free download now, and will eventually become the most indispensable app on your iPhone for managing your entertainment agenda. If that's not worth the download time, I don't know what is. I'm ...

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