App Store Review - Harmonica App

Posted by tekietv on Nov. 20, 2008

There are already a bunch of popular apps available like Pocket Guitar and Pocket Piano that turn your iPhone into a musical instrument, and now you can add harmonica to that list. Harmonica lets you play your iPhone exactly like a real harmonica, using a “genuinely sampled 10 hole diatonic harmonica” that lets you play both notes and chords. And when you play the app, you can look like you're playing a real harmonica... because the app is designed for you to touch your lips to your iPhone and play. If you don't feel like putting your mouth on your phone, you can also play Harmonica by touching your fingers to the holes. If you're a musician, you can impress people with your digital harmonica skills... and if you don't know how to play an instrument, you can at least make your friends laugh when you pull up your iPhone Harmonica. Harmonica costs only 99 cents at the App Store, and whether you're using it as a gimick or to play real music, this expertly designed app is worth the download. I'm ...

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