Any-Eyed Girl

I decided that updating Brown-Eyed girl to appeal to all women would be the easiest way to get a girlfriend.Hey so I realizedNot all girls have brown eyesso i want tofix van morrisons songi wanna give a shout outto all the girls he left outwho better to do so than me-heand my home dawg maddyyes welove all eye colorswe-he love all eye colorsdont care bout your iriswhats importants inside usoutside all women are pret-ayokay, yeah, Im just kiddangdancing in my room with my girlfriandno, she isnt my left handme and ladies just get alo-hongcuz, Im so good at singin songsall about stuffI love all eye colorsthe chorus is easyso sing it with me*chorus*I love brown eyes, green eyes, hazel, and even blueand I love red eyes, gray eyes, amber, and violets cool too(violets cool too)*end chorus*If I can see rainbows of eyesand rainbows in the skieswhy is loving eyes romanticand loving rainbows like loving dickI dont wanna complain, you seeI am straight, women are for meProv