Answering machine messages funny

Posted by trailertom on Feb. 02, 2010

http-// Listen to Ffej and Toms voice mail inbox! These are actual voice mail messages that people have left for Ffej Knar and Trailer Tom on their home phone answering machine. Call Ffej Knar and Trailer Tom and leave your own message at 970-FORK-301. Thats (970) 367-5301. Dont worry you wont be charged anything, or sold anything, this is 100% free and all for fun. Here is a link to where you can see the whole collection of Ffej and Toms home answering machine videos- http-// Make your own answering machine voice mail video, post it on YouTube,  and email us the link to your YouTube voicemail video. If we like it we will post it on the Fork301 hubpage website!  email us at-

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